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Dune Engines is located in Winfield, IL and the Silver Lake Sand Dunes in Mears, MI
Questions? Email or call 630-492-0809 (cell)

Dune Imp

New Dune Imps are ready for delivery. The Imp includes the body and hood/dash. Side pods are also available. This dune buggy features clam shell fenders, a hood scoop with a built in tach pod on the hood, molded in rear seats and low sides. It fits on a beetle frame that has been shortened 12".

PricingSolid ColorsMetal Flake
Body and hood/dash$3,238.66$3,780.59
Side pods$871.08$947.18
Body, hood/dash and side pods$4,109.74$4,727.77
* Prices do not include shipping, packaging or Illinois sales tax. The side pod molds are back into production as of August 2020. The body and hood/dash molds are in production as of March 2021. The rear engine cover will not be ready for production in the near future.

Subaru Engines

Specializing in Subaru power for dune vehicles in the Midwest United States

Have a fiberglass dune buggy, Baja beetle or sand rail? Looking for more reliability, fuel injection, and more power? If you're in the Midwest United States, Dune Engines delivers turn key Subaru EJ20, EJ22, or EJ25 engines to replace your air cooled engine. Other services (oil pan shortening, etc.) also available.

Other dune buggies also available

Dune Engines is a distributor for Berrien buggy. If you are interested in a shortened or full length fiberglass body, side pods or other buggy parts, please email me. Sand rails are also available.

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